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What is a pop-up wedding -  

A  pop-up wedding is a private, intimate wedding with a handful of your closest friends and family.  A perfect mix between an elopement and an extravagant wedding.  A fabulous wedding without the stress, cost and the time commitment of planning a large wedding.   We have assembled the most creative and fun team to bring you the very best experience possible, covering every aspect.   You choose your package, our team takes care of the rest!

What does a pop-up include - 

We offer two different packages to accommodate anyone and everyone.  Check out our  packages for details!

Why a pop-up -

Its simple. We offer you a intimate elegant wedding, at a fraction of the price of a large wedding. they are sweet, simple, and stressless. Imagine not having to plan a thing!  we have you covered!   

Be a little greener.  Help out our environment.  We strive to waste less and when our decorations are used multiple times for a weekend, we are doing just that.   Its a good thing to be a part of!

What if we book a time slot and then we are unable to attend -

We are so sorry, there is not a refund policy on your booking deposit.

Would I be allowed to bring in my own vendor - 

Unfortunately not.  We have brought the best creative team together for you and in order for things to run smoothly we are unable to substitute.  our team is a finely tuned machine, and work extremely well together. we would not be able to offer our such an extraordinary experience if we are switching things up. thank you for understanding!

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